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This page is - like the name says - an epic collection of epic OCs! However, not just any and all OCs are accepted - They have to belong to the main editor Pepper and her friends. So make sure that you contact her on her deviantART before making a page for your character, unless she has personally invited you.

What is this for?[]

The main purpose of the wiki is to keep all the information about various characters on a single page. That way it's also easier to tell someone about an OC or two that they might be curious about - Just link them to their page! You can also look for character refs on here, since most of the pages will probably have pictures sooner or later.


  1. Please don't edit other people's articles. If you catch Pepper doing this, she's probably adding categories, or being the grammarnazi that she sometimes feels like being and fixing typos or grammar.
  2. Please don't insult others or their characters.
  3. Do not post stolen art or claim someone else's character to be yours. If you submit art that isn't yours, always give proper credit and it's always good to ask permission first (For example, if you use art that you requested or commissioned from someone)
  4. Do not post R-rated art, fiction, or anything of the sort. This includes porn, excessive nudity and gore. Slight blood and stuff is fine.
  5. Have fun!~ The most important one. ;)

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