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Ashriel is one of the main characters in Agony of Souls (AoS) and a spin-off Proneshy comic Caged Birds Don't Sing.


  • Full name: Prince Ashriel, formerly Destroyer Ashriel
  • Nickname(s): Ashy, Prince Angsty (or just Angsty), Assman, Little Bird, Ashurieru
  • Age:Human: About 24
    Fiend: Unknown
  • Birthday: 7th June
  • Sex&Gender: Male
  • Sexuality: Homosexual ('gay')
  • Species: Fiend (/fiend in human disguise)
  • Birth Place: DE's Altar
  • Current Residence: Glaucous Castle, Anrath / Aureolin Castle, Karebek
  • Occupation: Prince
  • Relationship status: Taken, lives with Fiend Prototype and King Neuro. Pretends to hate the former, while lovingly calls the latter his boyfriend that he is.


Ashy is a very emotional person and he shows his feelings very clearly; If he's annoyed (which he often is), he has no problem with yelling at people. His idefault face tis a grumpy frown.

He has trouble with getting to know people because he's afraid of what they might think of him. Once he gets close to someone, though, he's a good friend who doesn't hesistate to protect the ones he likes. At this point he will also show his tender side under the cold, distant cover.

He is terribly afraid of death, so he desperately tries to stay away from anyone that might cause him harm. Unfortunately, as he is the prince, many criminals and such want him dead.

Physical characteristics

Abilities, talents and hobbies

To his protection, DE gave him a nifty ability of having "two sets of blood"; He will only start bleeding real blood and getting weaker after running out of soul material, which is a light blue blood-like substance. He can also use the liquid to create great amounts of light: Not enought to make someone blind, but enough to distract them for a moment so he can get away from sticky situations. His hobbies include singing (has a good voice) and swimming. He has an unhealthy obsession with water.




Memora Creep - Best friend

Solanine Violet

Jester Su-Koro


DE - Creator


King Neuro - Rival/Lover

Fiend Prototype - Enemy

Mawar Bauholz - Deceased lover

Creation of the character



  • He was originally designed by just adding stuff that Pepper found "cool". Pathetic.
  • His original personality was an "evil", sadistic meanie(Proto, anyone?) that just collected souls for fun. After DE was created, he changed into a sympathetic guy.
  • He didn't use to be gay, but asexual. Later he was paired with Mawar for the lulz, but they fit together well so it was made canon. AxM was Pepper's first supported gay couple.
  • He was the first fiend character. Before that he was considered a fake pokemon in Pepper's silly mind.
  • His color scheme used to be black and light blue. He got a lot lighter afterwards...