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Celeste is Pepper's main Pokemon trainer OC.


  • Full name: Celeste Aurora Bellerose
  • Nickname(s): Cele
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: 18th April
  • Sex&Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual ('Straight')
  • Species: Human
  • Birth Place: Olivine City, Johto
  • Current Residence: Verdantlake Town, Diyoza
  • Occupation: Settled down Pokemon Trainer
  • Relationship status: Single, crushing on Royle Scorpio


Celeste is slightly introverted, she doesn't like meeting new people and overall prefers pokemon to people. She's also somewhat of a daredevil - there's just no way she will give up easily or run away from danger, unless she's facing a huge monstrous Pokemon - and the type of person who speaks before she thinks, thus often says rude things to people without even realizing it. However, she gets angry and shocked if someone spits the same insults at her. Even the slightest bad remark about her might make her furious at the person saying such things, and she tends to hold grudges about that. She is actually very sweet and kind if you act nice to her and get to know her better, but as stubborn as hell.

She is not the type of person to stay inside for a long time - She needs the outdoors! Her favorite activity is swimming, but she also likes calm walks in the forests, fishing, biking and anything that causes her adrenaline kicks. Despite all this, she can't navigate worth anything without the map application on her cellphone.

Because of bad experiences (namely her ex-boyfriend Jasper), she tends to think that most boys are either jerks, annoying idiots or as boring as hell. And with her stubborness, there is just no way to make her admit that she's wrong. Or to admit that she really likes her rival Royle. Other things that she doesn't like include failure, being left or abandoned and being insulted. She has a fear of big, scary pokemon, and will cling to the nearest person when facing one.

Growing up with a sailor dad who, well, swore like a sailor, she has picked up her father's traits, and is an unbelievable pottymouth. She also talks loudly and interrupts people while they speak, and feels no guilt while doing this. Namecalling is also to be expected when dealing with her.

Physical characteristics




Yumi Joyheart - Best friend


Leith Bellerose - Dad

Gladis Bellerose- Mom

Trevor Bellerose - Brother


Royle Scorpio - Rival/Crush

Kaz Danger - Enemy

Daisy Dustine "Dusty" Maroon - Enemy

Pokemon team

Zephyr, male dragonair

Caesar, nidoking

Sugar, female togekiss

Snappi, male totodile

Athene, female heracross

Karma, male skarmory

Creation of the character