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Atzend is an OC of Kumquaticus, as well as a minor character in Pepper's Agony of Souls.


  • Full name: Atzend Jäger
  • Nickname(s): Atzy, Atz
  • Age:Human: About 23
    Fiend: Pssh, I dunno
  • Birthday: 13th February
  • Sex&Gender: Male
  • Sexuality: Straight (when sober)
  • Species: Fiend or Human
  • Current Residence: The streets of Ireopoplis


Atzend is a rebel, a rocker, a punk, an anarchist, a stoner, and a womanizer. He loves freedom and hates anyone thinking that they have power over him. Although he is frequently seen with other women, he has fallen deeply in love with Samara, although he believes she doesn't know he exists.

He frequently enjoys less-than-legal substances such as OOC and ICPS, and is always seen with his pipe. (A word of advice: DON'T try to take it from him.) Often times, he goes a little overboard on the dosage. He's also not exactly known for following the law, and he often works with some shady characters.

Weapon of choice is a lead pipe, and music of choice is exclusively rock, and he plays a guitar affectionately known to him as "Tentakel".

Physical characteristics[]




Fiend Prototype[]



Samara - Crush[]

D.Neuro - Enemy[]

Atzana - Sister/Genderswap/Lover/It's Complicated[]

Creation of the character[]



  • His personality has changed dramatically over time, originally being more one-dimensional and humor-focused.
  • Originally, he was a fan-character, but was officially promoted to minor character courtesy of Pepper! (Thankyouthankyouthankyou)